You reblog some really gorgeous pictures. Do you take any yourself, or are you just an appreciator of others?

I don’t own anything I’ve posted thus far on tumblr nor do I take credit for anything on my blog aside from that little “about me” blurb tucked away in the right-hand corner up there. I’m an appreciator of others, but I remove the credits. Some people think that’s extremely rude of me, and in all fairness I can understand why that is. However, I prefer people who visit my blog to take in nothing but the scenery so to speak. I feel that all the text takes away from that. But mostly — with my template it just looks kind of ugly. :p

Excuse my long winded response. But I’m meticulous when it comes to questions. In any case thanks Fran (may I call you that? I hope you don’t mind) for the kind words, and I’m glad you’ve found a few things on my blog that tickled your fancy. Enjoy the rest of your evening, take care now. :)